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Customer views

Nirosta stainless on the Berlin television tower still as good as new

11月 05, 2014    

​The undisputed landmark of Berlin, Germany is the television tower located in the Berlin centrum. The stainless on Germany’s highest tower originates to Stahlwerke Südwestfalen AG located in Dillenburg, Germany, which is today part of Outokumpu.​ 


Stainless sphere

The shell of the spherical construction on top of the tower is made of stainless steel. The advanced material was produced in the western part of Germany in Dillenburg and it was delivered to the, at that time existing, GDR where the remaining structure was waiting for completion. The weight of this architectural masterpiece amounts ten tonnes and it was a true technical challenge to get the spherical construction lifted up. Therefore a 35-meter-high reproduction of the steel shaft was built on the bottom of the construction side. The sta​inless steel sphere was installed on the shaft, which finally was lifted on top of the tower.​​​​ 


Standing the test of time

​The over 368-meter high tower opened in 1969 and it is still today serving in its original purpose in transmitting radio and television programs. The tower has almost 1.2 million visitors per year that makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin.​